Windcrest Animal Hospital is  very proud to announce that Dr. Malcolm Kram will be providing acupuncture and herbal medicines for both dogs and cats at Windcrest Animal Hospital beginning in November 2011.  Acupuncture is both an art and science that dates back to 2500 BCE where it was first described for people and then animals. Today, acupuncture and herbal therapies are part of what is commonly known as Integrative Medicine which brings both Eastern and Western medicine together to provide the best care for patients whether human or animal.

Acupuncture alters pain and inflammation and therefore can be considered for such conditions as: arthritis, allergies and itching, recurrent ear and or urinary infections, seizures, and post-operative pain, to mention just a few indications.  As part of an integrative program acupuncture and herbal therapies may help reduce the dosage of medications that your pet presently takes and or offer options to those veterinary patients who have reactions to certain drugs or treatments.

Acupuncture is not a painful procedure as the needles used are much thinner than those used in Western medicine for injections or blood tests.This type of treatment does require a traditional Chinese medical diagnosis which does involve a detailed discussion between the acupuncturist and the animal patient’s owner at the same time as your pet is examined from an Eastern medical perspective.  Results can be seen in some cases almost immediately but most patients require 6 to 8 treatments spaced 7-14 days apart to evaluate their benefit.  In some cases, improved results can be accomplished when acupuncture is coupled with herbal therapies, a combination that is now available to your pet, right here at Windcrest Animal Hospital.

If you are interested in this therapeutic option for your pet, speak to one of our veterinarians and then set up an appointment with Dr. Kram. Dr. Kram received his veterinary degree from Cornell University and his acupuncture training through the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society. Dr. Kram will also speak with you directly if you simply leave your telephone number and best times to call with one of our customer service representatives at (302) 998-2995 or

You can also learn more about Acupuncture by visiting Dr. Kram’s website: