Radiology & Ultrasound


Windcrest Animal Hospital offers the latest in digital x-rays, which allow for accurate and speedy diagnosis of your pet.

An in-house digital x-ray will be taken of your pet and the results will be available for review within minutes. These images can then be sent to your vet via email or you can take the digital file with you.


Ultrasound on your pet is a non-invasive and pain-free technique used to diagnose and stage many diseases. It is an excellent modality for evaluating fluid-filled and soft tissue organs such as the bladder, liver, spleen and kidneys.

Images are interpreted during the scan and reports are available a few minutes after ultrasound.

For referral ultrasounds, reports will be discussed with the owner, a report will be faxed to the referral veterinarian and the referral veterinarian will be called.

Fine needle aspirates and true-cut biopsies can also be obtained with no or mild sedation.

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