To have a successful relationship with your cat, it is important to understand and respect their unique nature. Cats are natural predators who need plenty of stimulation and exercise to be happy and healthy. If you can provide your cat with the right environment and meet their needs, they will repay you with companionship, love, and loyalty. Thank you for reading How to Respect Your Cat’s Unique Nature!

#1: Give your cat opportunities to hide and perch

Cats are both a predator and a prey species, meaning they have distinctive traits for each side. Offer your cat opportunities to feel comfortable with both parts of their personality by giving them places to hide and to perch up high. A lookout tower that provides climbing surfaces and hiding spots is a great way to fulfill your cat’s needs. Their predatory nature can survey their territory for threats, or “prey,” from up high, while their prey nature can feel safe and secure in a small, dark enclosure.

#2: Determine your cat’s prey preference

Most cats prefer to hunt specific creatures, and by identifying their prey preference, you’ll be able to provide your pet with toys they’ll enjoy playing with. In general, cat toy categories include:

  • Birds — Cat toys with feathers and those that chirp or flutter can entice your cat to play when they’re flown through the air. 
  • Mice — Plush toys, furry mice, and balls can mimic the movements of mice, encouraging your cat to stalk and pounce.
  • Insects — A cat laser toy, a string with a knot at the end, or a robotic toy that skitters across the floor can resemble bugs, a common favorite prey of cats. 

Play with each type of toy for a few minutes to see which your cat ignores and which they show interest in.

#3: Change up your cat’s feeding routine

Cats are designed to eat numerous small meals per day rather than one or two large meals. While some cats can control themselves when presented with a full food dish, many cannot, leading to various health issues. To avoid this, feed your cat several small meals each day, ideally in a food puzzle, as a way of mimicking how they would eat if they hunted for their food.

Another great way to show your cat respect is to ensure they remain happy and healthy through regular preventive care. Take care of your feline friend by calling our team to schedule their next wellness appointment.