Signs That Your Pet’s Limp Requires Urgent Attention

In most cases, receiving veterinary attention for your pet’s lameness can wait until the following day. The need to see your local emergency veterinary facility is indicated by a few conditions as well as limping.

Emergency attention is needed if your pet exhibits lameness symptoms.

Visit the emergency room if your canine companion displays any of the following symptoms:

  • Dragging a limb
  • Extreme lethargy
  • Not supporting weight on a limb
  • Bleeding that cannot be stopped
  • Excessive swelling
  • Excessive vocalization
  • Suddenly getting worse

Your pet may need urgent care for the underlying condition, not just for the limp, if they exhibit slight lameness along with unsettling symptoms like vomiting or diarrhea.

Pets who are lame need emergency attention for certain conditions.

For a variety of reasons, pets can become lame, some of which require rapid medical attention. Despite the fact that a muscular sprain or strain is alarming, you do not need to head straight for the local emergency room. The following conditions, however, do necessitate urgent care:

  • A limb fracture
  • Paralysis of one or more limbs, often known as paresis
  • Unstoppable bleeding from a severe or significant wound
  • The bite of a poisonous snake or bug
  • Hit by a car
  • A dogfight

Despite the fact that some of these circumstances may not seem to cause much harm, they could still lead to internal problems that need to be treated. For instance, you might believe that your pet, who was hit by a car, is fine if all they have is a little road rash on their legs and a slight limp, but a thorough examination might discover damage to their liver, spleen, kidneys, or bladder, necessitating severe hospitalization.

A pet that has been bitten by another animal is another scenario where emergency care is necessary. Small holes are all that are left after a puncture, yet the wounds spread infection very quickly. In addition, a pet that grabs and shakes your animal might seriously harm the underlying tissues, which can quickly worsen.

It can be challenging to decide whether your three-legged pet, formerly a four-legged pal, need emergency care. Give our staff a call to discuss your pet’s condition so we can let you know whether they require emergency care.