Animal Hospital in Wilmington: Dog Playing Outside
Animal Hospital in Wilmington: Dog Playing Outside

December is Holiday Fun Month!

As the holidays approach, we want make sure our pets stay happy and healthy. They deserve a gift from Santa also. Just make sure the gift is safe for your pet! Things to think about:

  • Make sure toys are the appropriate size for your pet
  • Make sure they cannot swallow the toy
  • Make sure toys won’t break into sharp pieces that can cause lacerations
  • Don’t go overboard on treats – they can cause an upset stomach and diarrhea
  • Beware of giving them people food – especially anything fatty (such as turkey) – they can get pancreatitis

One other great gift – Give your pet the gift of health for the holiday. Call us today and schedule an exam for your pet and loving companion!!

Beware of Holiday Dangers

With all the joy and festivities during the holidays, there are additional dangers to beware of for our pets.

Click here for a list of dangers for cats.

Click here for a list of dangers for dogs.

Click here for a list of general household dangers.

The Annual Windcrest Memorial Tree

 Windcrest Memorial Tree celebrating patients who have passed over the past year

In the month of December, our Memorial Tree will stand tall and proud in the lobby of Windcrest Animal Hospital, to honor all the beloved pets who have passed this year. All clients from our 5 Veterinary Hospitals, who have lost cherished family pets during the year, will receive an ornament. Clients decorate the ornament in honor of their beloved pets and these become the decorations for our Tree throughout the Holiday Season. Also, they receive an invitation to our Candlelight Eulogy and Tree-Lighting Ceremony held in December.

Every year since its inception in 2005, the Candlelight Eulogy and Tree-Lighting Ceremony has been a deeply moving experience shared by all who attend. Everyone involved gather around the precious Memorial Tree, with the ornaments, decorated by the family members, honoring the pets that they have lost. Over 100 people attend this event every year. Poems are read, memories are shared, and individual candles held by each attendee are lit, honoring the name of their beloved pet. As the flame, passes from person to person, the love and strength shared by everyone involved grows just as strong and bright as the glow of the candles.

“Save the Animals” Silent Auction

This month, Save the Animals is sponsoring a “Silent Auction”. All proceeds will benefit the “Save the Animal” non-profit organization. The Auction will run through December 22nd. Stop by the lobby of Windcrest Animal Hospital to see all the fabulous items available. Who knows, one of them might be on your Christmas Wish List!!

Holiday Pet Pictures

If you would like a picture of your pet with Santa for the holidays, stop by Windcrest Animal Hospital on Saturday, December 21st from 12:00 pm until 2:00 pm. We will have a Christmas scene photo background for the pictures. Dress you pet in their holiday finest. Feel free to bring your children to be in the picture with your pet. We will email the pictures to you.

Stocking for K-9 Soldiers

Windcrest is collecting items for the K-9 Soldiers project. Click Here to see a list of suggested items. You can also drop off your items at the “Stocking Store” in the Brandywine Town Center on 5131 Brandywine Parkway in North Wilmington by December 6th.

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