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Diabetic Boarding

It can be stressful leaving a pet with diabetes behind for any length of time, and we offer specialized diabetic boarding to put you at ease.

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What’s included in the cost of diabetic boarding?


  • A stay in a hospital boarding area separate from our regular kennel
  • More individualized attention from our hospital assistants
  • Four walks each day
  • Fed Science Diet W/D as required


  • A stay in our ICU
  • Individualized attention from our ICU technicians
  • Fed Science Diet W/D, M/D or Purina DM as required

Dogs & Cats

  • A full physical exam done by a veterinarian once daily
  • All medications administered as required
  • Urine checked for glucose and ketones every morning
  • Blood glucoses checked every evening
  • Insulin administered as required

With our veterinarians and caring staff tending to your diabetic pet, you can rest assured all of his or her needs will be met during boarding. We also provide boarding for pets with other medical conditions and for pets with no special needs. For more information and pricing, please contact us today.