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Medically Supervised Pet Boarding

If your pets need medical attention during boarding, we will provide medically supervised boarding to ensure they get the special care they need throughout their stay.

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What Kinds Of Animals Require Medically Supervised Pet Boarding?

Whether it is one of our deluxe pampering packages, boarding for your special needs pet, or even accommodations for your small pet, we’ve got you covered. Check out our services below to discover the best boarding package for your pet today.

  • Elderly pets with serious medical conditions
  • Pets that have recently had major surgery (especially orthopedic surgeries)
  • Rehabilitation patients
  • Pets requiring extra assistance to walk
  • Pets requiring wound care
  • Boarding for diabetic pets

What Is Included In The Cost Of Medically Supervised Boarding?

  • Accommodations in a hospital boarding area that’s separate from our regular kennel
  • More individualized attention from our hospital assistants
  • Four daily walks for dogs
  • Full physical exam done by a veterinarian once daily
  • All medications administered as required

We promise your special medical needs pet will be in good hands with us while you’re gone. For prices and more information, please contact us today.